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Take control of your e-trust
and increase it.

Do not trust words.
Trust the acts.

A world where trust is at the heart of the relationship
allows unlimited opportunities.

Trusting is hard.
Knowing who to trust, even harder.

Trust is the most powerful global tool

Trust is completely free — and yet at the same time, it’s the thing for which you must work the hardest. Once you have it, it’s the most priceless thing you’ll ever own. Trust is measured by how we behave toward each other. Trust is the most powerful tool in the world but it is also the least exploited. TrustSearch is here to fix this!


What is TrustSearch?

The goal of the TrustSearch is to aggregate and verify information, creating reliable e-reputations and digital identities that allow users to have more trust online.

TrustSearch increases global digital cooperation for unlimited uses.

TrustSearch provides consumers with the ability to search for and assess the reputation of merchants across multiple online marketplaces.

TrustUnion believes that search engine data should be transparent, community oriented, and relevant, and should belong to users themselves — not big data companies.


Data sovereignty

TrustSearch allows users to control their data and determine what information is available to the public.


Digital takeover

TrustSearch allows users to regain control of their online trust, and increase it.


Guaranteed privacy

TrustSearch doesn’t share search data with big data companies — ever. TrustSearch won’t sell user data or make it available to data aggregation companies for a fee.



User and business data is private and managed with a philosophy of frugal and transparent distribution.



TrustSearch provides results in a neutral, unbiased manner.



TrustSearch results data is enhanced by the users it belongs to and those who make use of it. Trusted users will have more permission to create and confirm information, resulting in a better network.



TrustSearch is focused on providing users with tightly-focused information on the reputability and trustworthiness of merchants and businesses.


Ease of use

TrustSearch registration and utilisation is simple and user friendly, with a no-friction interface and fast “one click” solutions for everything.


For who ?


TrustSearch is open to all. TrustSearch allows merchants to take control of their online reputation. Consumers use TrustSearch to find the most reputable, trustworthy merchant. Both merchants and users are able to take control over personal, professional, and publicly-posted information.

How it works ?


TrustSearch profiles function as «mini-websites» that are controlled by the owner of the data presented in the profile. This data is updated automatically and is instantly referenced in order to secure a strong position on all existing search engines.

TrustSearch is not a simple search engine — it’s a result aggregator that collects and presents data from social networks, sales platforms, and the sharing economy.

TrustSearch allows users to connect their existing social networks in a single click, as well as authority platforms that have already verified their information.

TrustSearch delivers strong digital trust through the aggregation and multiplication of sources and their own verification system. TrustSearch will operate from the center of the sharing economy — aggregating data, creating bridges, and establishing a nexus of trust. The ultimate goal of TrustSearch is to create a trustable digital identity which, for the first time, belongs totally to the user.

Using revolutionary algorithms, TrustSearch delivers more relevant, better-organized results and restores control over e-reputation information for users, sellers and platform reputation.

What is Online Identity Management & How Does it Work?


TrustSearch allows users to control the amount of personally identifiable information available to others online. Using TrustSearch, users can make a broad spectrum of personal information available, from phone numbers, to social media accounts, to reviews, feedback, and sharing economy platform links.

The customizable nature of TrustSearch profiles allows users to actively reveal and hide personal information at will, on an ongoing basis. The permanent nature of data uploaded to the internet can, in some cases, make it very difficult for users to remove personal information when they would prefer it to be hidden.

A major advantage of TrustSearch user profiles is the layer of added security and protection it places between users and identity information. A user that possesses a TrustSearch profile with an extremely high trust score, for example, is unlikely to need to transmit personally identifiable information when performing online business interactions.

A multi-year TrustSearch profile that aggregates hundreds of positive reviews and interactions across a broad spectrum of sites, services, and sharing economy platforms is a far more accurate indicator of trustworthiness and reliability than a simple identity document alone — which can be faked.

What is Transitive Trust & How Does it Work?


Transitive Trust is a powerful feature integrated into TrustSearch that allows users to assess the trust level between themselves and another individual. Transitive Trust provides users with a weighted, personalized representation of the trust level between themselves and another individual based on their individual preferences, connections, networks, and habits.

Transitive Trust doesn't lower the trust score of businesses or users, but instead provides users with a highly accurate representation of the predicted amount of trust between each other based on their individual preferences, helping them make informed decisions about who to trust based on their own preferences and network.

What is Trust Trend & How Does it Work?


Trust Trend addresses a very important problem in online trust management — the time scale of trust. Online marketplaces often suffer from an issue in which a scammer will create a profile in order to sell goods or services and deliver them in a reliable, trustworthy manner for a specific period of time.

Once the scammer has established a good reputation on a platform, they will then change their behavior and begin to scam people, leveraging a long list of positive reviews. When a scammer begins to defraud platform users from a profile with mostly good feedback and reviews, it can take some time for the reviews to reflect their current actions.

Trust Trend eliminates this problem by providing users with a weighted rating of their current trust level that takes into account recent actions. Rather than assess the trustworthiness of a user based on their entire action history on one platform, Trust

Trend provides a detailed real-time representation of the trustworthiness of an individual based on their most recent actions. Using Trust Trend, it’s possible to see whether a person is trustworthy right now, not just over the entire history of their online presence.

What is Empowered Trust & How Does it Work?


Empowered Trust is a feature provided by TrustSearch that allows users to make “empowered” connections with other users. Empowered Trust links are powerful links that are made between users that trust each other directly. The amount of Empowered Trust links that are user can make are limited — individuals are limited to 5 links, influencers can link to 10 other profiles, and brands can link to 20 other profiles.

Empowered Trust links are precious and limited by design, and do not function in the same way as “friends” do on major social media platforms. Instead, Empowered Trust links represent a close relationship and an endorsement of linked individuals.

For this reason, Empowered Trust links directly affect the Trust Score of TrustSearch profiles. If one user with a high Trust Score makes an Empowered Trust link with a user that has a lower Trust Score, the Trust Score of the latter profile will increase.

Empowered Trust connections assist in the calculation of Transitive Trust, and prevent the creation of fake accounts within the TrustSearch ecosystem.

This link works both ways, however. If two Empowered Trust linked individuals are connected and one profile severely damages their Trust Score by acting in an untrustworthy manner, the Trust Score of all profiles that are linked to it will fall. The limited nature of Empowered Trust links ensures that users only make Empowered Trust connections with individuals they consider to be truly reliable. We call this trust by design.

What is TrustScore & How Does it Work?


Determining who to trust in the modern connected world can be difficult. The current online trust ecosystem forces both buyers and sellers of goods and services to rely on reviews and simple rating systems that can easily be defrauded.

TrustUnion’s TrustScore is designed to provide users with a reliable, weighted, accurate reading of the trust relationship between themselves and others. By providing users with a simple method of quickly assessing potential trust, TrustScore brings new opportunities to both online and real-world economies.

TrustScore is presented as an aggregate of all past transactions and agreements executed by a TrustUnion user on the TrustUnion network, and — importantly — can be integrated into any TrustUnion affiliated marketplace.

An online marketplace user, for example, may want to make a purchase from a seller that has the item or product they want but lacks any notable history on the marketplace platform. The marketplace platform, however, provides users with the ability to integrate their TrustScore, allowing the buyer to verify how trustworthy the seller is regardless of platform history.

TrustScore takes a broad spectrum of data into account in order to provide users with a simple and streamlined overview of the trust value of any other individual, which can be carried across multiple platforms.

TrustScore redefines and quantifies the trust level of anybody, at any time, anywhere — providing users with a concrete and immutable representation of the trust they have built through all interpersonal relationships and agreements.

What is The Philosophy Behind TrustSearch?


TrustSearch is designed with the philosophy of empowering and providing privacy to users. Rather than simply providing private search functionality, TrustSearch allows users to regain power over the search results that are presented to them.

The current search engine ecosystem is dominated by Google. Countless search engine platforms have launched and failed in direct competition with Google in the 21 years since it launched. TrustSearch doesn’t compete directly with Google — instead, TrustSearch functions as a complementary, totally autonomous tool.

TrustSearch provides three separate feature sets, designed for users and merchants:

  1. Users are able to use TrustSearch to perform due diligence assessments of a merchant before purchasing, thanks to an easy-to-understand TrustScore. The TrustScore provides all available information regarding an online seller or service provider in a single click.
  2. Merchants are able to use TrustSearch to centralize all of the data that is available regarding their business, including reviews, evaluations, and other due diligence data. By centralizing this data, TrustSearch places it under the control of merchants and thereby maximizes confidence rates and conversion.
  3. The wider marketplace has the ability to grant new users immediate access to services, without them having to fill out their information, based on their established trust rating. It also benefits from having more trusted sellers, thereby offering more choice to users. Platforms that support victims of fraud and bear the financial burden, or pay the price of insurance premiums, can offer their service at the best price by having trusted users. And platforms that have a notorious lack of security or surveillance get the chance to establish an element of trust and protect themselves from becoming a hub for criminals online.

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With TrustSearch, trust becomes an identifiable and valuable commodity that opens people transcend apparent limits, discovering new and awesome abilities of which they were previously unaware. Both parties make decisions and choices based on what is right, what is best, what is valued most highly for a better world.

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